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 Tea and Gift Shoppe
Tea and Gift Shoppe
514 Beltrami Ave
Brewing Instructions
Black Tea - Boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes.
Black Flavored Tea - Boiling water and steep for 2-4 minutes.
Puerh - Boiling water and steep for 7-10 minutes.
Oolong - Water 190-200 degrees and steep for 3-5 minutes.
Green Tea - Water 160-180 degrees and steep for 2-4 minutes.
White Tea - Water 160 degrees and steep for 2 minutes.
Herbal and Decaf - Boiling water and steep 4-6 minutes.
The bitterness some people associate with tea typically results from over-brewing. Over time, you may adjust these directions to suit your own tastes. Preparing tea properly is not hard, but timing and temperature are crucial.
All Prices are for 2 ounces which makes about 20-25 cups.
Indian Teas
Darjeelings are known as "champagne of teas" and are prized for their fresh taste and delicate nuances of flavor with some astringency.
TeaShoppe Darjeeling - Smooth, everyday Darjelling tea with elegant muscatel notes.
Nilgiri Teas are from the southwestern India, in the Blue Mountains, and are mellow, non-astringent teas that yield a satisfying cup.
Dunsandale Estate, Organic - Medium bodied, but with a comples, fruity, almost sweet flavor.

Iyerpadi OP, Organic - Medium bodied tea from South India with a classic tea flavor, just a hint of crispness, and a little sweet fruitiness.
Assam teas come from the Assam valley in northeast India along the banks of the Brahamaputra River and are prized for their heartiness and their malty flavor.
Assam Satrupa FBOP -
This is great, every day Assam, very hearty and malty, but with a nice clean taste. This is our first choice for using as a Chai Base.
Tea Shoppe Assam - Classic Assam breakfast tea, malty and hearty.
Strong Assam - Definitely meant to wake you up in the morning. A pronounced malty flavor that stands up well to milk and sugar.
Ceylon teas come from the island of Sri Lanka, which still retains it's old colonial name for matters dealing with tea. These are bright, flavorful, brisk and refreshing teas.
Vithanakande Estate Extra Special - An extraordinary and unique tea from Ceylon. It is medium to full bodied, with a sweet and spicy note like peaches in a licorice breeze.
China Teas
Hunan Black - A classic China FOP black congou tea. This tea is very similar to a Keemun tea. Full bodied with a sweet earthiness.
Keemuns are known as the Burgundy of teas. They are prized for their deep, full-bodied flavor.
Empire Keemun - The tea that started the Opium Wars, also the original English Breakfast. This tea is deep, rich with a hint of brightness.
Grand Keemun - This Keemun produces a full-bodied, multi-flavored cup with undertones of earthiness and an incredible aroma.
Yunnans, black teas from China, are known for their smooth, deep and comples flavors.
Yunnan Organic FOP - Very rich, full-bodied, aromatic with a hint of sweet earthiness. It has a velvety texture as you sip.

Peurh is an aged black tea from China prized for it's medicinal properties and earthy flavor.
Puerh, Tuo Cha - This aged Yunnam puerh is shaped into small bowls or "bird's nests", one bowl per small pot. This is a strong, earthy, almost musty flavored tea.
Yunnan Puerh - A lovely introduction to this ancient Chinese tea: smooth, very earthy, and with a rich flavor and aroma. This tea has been aged 2-4 years.
Oolong Tea
Oolong teas are partially oxidized and posses some of the qualities of both black and green teas. They are known for their aromatic, fruity and sometimes sweet - sometimes bracing tastes. Their caffeine content lies somewhere between black and green teas. These teas are brewed slightly less than boiling for 3-7 minutes. Most oolongs are meant to be brewed multiple times.
Assam Oolong, Kopili Estate - Beautiful hand twisted, large leaf oolong that brews up with an amazing depth and complexity.
Big Red Robe - (China) Legendary tea is very rich and smooth with a dark, like molasses undertone.

Huan Jin Gui - (China) A light oolong is fresh and mellow with a hint of crispness to it. Lovely introduction to oolongs.
Imperial Jade Oolong - (China) Lovely, aromatic, light oolong with a definite floral presence.
Osmanthus - (China) Lovely medium-bodied oolong blended with osmanthus, a flower native to southeast China. Gives the brew a sweet fruitiness.
Ti Kwan Yin - (China) "The Iron Goddess of Mercy" Has an aromatic, fruity flavor with a taste reminiscent of fresh plums.
Ti Kuan Yin Monkey Picked - (China) Brews a bit lighter cup with more subtle nuances. Let steep 1-1 1/2 minutes. Good for multiple infusions.
Green Dragon - (Formosa) This spring oolong tea is very silky, medium-bodied with sweet, fruity notes and a lovely, lingering aftertaste. Great for multiple steeping.
Tung Ting Oolong - (Formosa) Classic style of oolong from the Nantou country in the central highlands of Formosa. This tea brews up a little sweet and floral, very smooth with just a hint of toastiness to it.
Green Teas
Clouds and Mist Green, Organic - Grown off the eastern coast of China. This tea is bright, very refreshing with the tiniest hint of toastiness to it.
Dragonwell - Delicious aroma, mellow grassy flavor, and a slightly sweet aftertaste.
Green Peony Rosettes - Spring picked tea leaves are hand tied with silk to create these rosettes. Meant to be brewed many times just keep adding hot water until flavor is exhausted. Fresh taste/aroma.
Gunpowder Temple of Heaven - The highest grade of gunpowder tea is also called pinhead gunpowder because of it's small size. A cup with an earthy sweetness to it. Good for 2-3 infusions.
Precious Eyebrows - A wonderful way to be introduced to green tea with a very mellow taste and a sweet plum-like aftertaste.
Green Tea Blends
Earl Green - A lighter version of Earl Grey with bergamont, citrus peel, and Jasmine blossoms.
Genmaicha - High grade Sencha green tea, toasted and puffed brown rice, producing a more full-bodied tea with slightly toasty overtones.
Green Lemon - Sencha flavored with pieces of sweet lemon.
Green Mango - Sencha green tea blended with pieces of mango.
Green Melange - Sencha green tea flavored with forest fruits for a taste reminiscent of strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb.
Jasmine - Refreshing, fine for a warm and rainy day.
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl - Young leaf tips scented with fresh Jasmine blossoms and rolled into pellets.
Moroccan Mint - Traditional Moroccan tea, gunpowder and spearmint.
Sweet Ginger Green - Refreshing with Sencha, ginger, lemon pieces, lemon grass and honey.
White Tea
White Peony - A white tea with more body than most and a sweet fresh earthiness to it. A tremendous value and a great introduction to white teas.
Traditional and Unusual Blends
Almond cookie - Enjoy the warm, toasty, cinnamon-almond taste.
Black Apricot - A lovely Ceylon whole leaf black tea is delicately blended with natural flavors, pieces of passion fruit, and sunflower blossoms to evoke the taste of fresh, ripe apricots.
Black Forest - A silky, smooth blend that makes one think of cherries, coconut and rich, black tea. Contains black tea, green mate, coconut, flavoring, rose petals, and cornflower blossoms.
Black Velvet - Fine China black teas blended with ginseng, peppermint, and licorice produce a smooth velvety taste that encourages relaxation and recuperation.
Caramel - Black tea with caramel flavored pieces.
Earl Grey de la Creme - Flavored with the sam oil of bergamont with an added hint of vanilla and cream. A smooth and aromatic blend with a creamy fruit flavor.
Earl Grey, Organic - classic blend with organically grown Ceylon black tea and organically grown oil of bergamont. Nice cuppa.
Ear Grey White Tip - Made from find Ceylon teas with a large portion of white tips (the most prized part of the plant) and blended with the finest oil of bergamont available. Incredibly aromatic and flavorful.
English Rose - This is a blend of a fine black China tea with rose petals. It is not overly flavored or cloyingly sweet, but instead evokes thoughts of walking through a rose garden while sipping a lovely China breakfast tea.
Georgia Sunrise - Sweet and tart, the flavors of the Ceylon black tea, ginger, and peach combine to make a tea that is fantastic hot or iced.
Green Mountain Flower - A claming blend of green tea, black tea and jasmine blossoms.
Holly's Wake Up Brew - A blend of Assam, Keemun, and Puerh. A great wake up tea that will keep you going and a great milk and sugar tea.
Irish Breakfast - Teas from Assam, Nilgiri and China - this is a little more robust than the English tea blends.
Lady Londonderry - Blend of Ceylong and Assam teas with a mild strawberry lemon flavor added.
Lemon Solstice - This tea is a lemony breath of fresh air. Citrus, vanilla, and licorice dance over a Ynnan base tea. This tea has almond brittle, lemon grass, flavor, licorice roots, strawberry pieces and blackberry pieces.
Moon over Madagascar - This is an indulgent and decadent tea. It is a marvelous blend of China and Ceylon black teas with Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Rich and sumptuous.
Prairie Passion - A beguiling blend of black and green teas with passion fruit and other flavors. It is slightly sweet with a hint of tanginess.
Russian Caravan - A traditional black tea blend with a light smokiness reminiscent of the tea carried to the czars in caravans from China.
Scottish Breakfast - This is a fabulous blend of Ceylon and Assam teas. It possesses all of the malty heartiness of an Assam tea with a bright, crisp and very clean taste reminiscent of fine Ceylon teas. It is a great breakfast tea straight or with milk and sugar. All certified organic.
Silk Road - Strong black tea from south Asia with natural ginger, this tea is spicy and energizing.
Strawberries and Cream - Reminds me of a big bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. Blend of black tea, pineapple cubes, flavor and strawberry pieces.
Summer Breeze - Refreshing, fruity tasting blend of red and black currants, jumper berries, strawberry pieces, blackberry leaves, cranberries mixed with a high grown Ceylon tea. Makes a great iced tea.
Tea Shoppe Spice - A black tea blend with orange, spice, and natural flavors that is sweetly spicy.
Welsh Morning - In the realm of English Breakfast teas, except slightly stronger than most English and less malty than most Irish teas.
Decaffeinated Tea
Our tea is decaffeinated using the CO2 Process.
English Breakfast
Lemon Solstice
Sencha - Japanese Green.
Fruit Blends consist of pieces of dried fruit and natural flavorings. They do not contain actual tea, they are caffeine free and are a great alternative to regular iced tea and fruit drinks.
Black Currant Rush - Flavored fruit melange with black currant taste. contains black currants, black currant leaves, elderberries, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peels and apple bits.
Fruit Paradise - Flavored fruit melange with strawberry apricot taste. Contains hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peels, apple bits, elderberries and citrus peels.
Kid's tea - Fruit Melange with especially formulated for children without any flavoring oils. Elderberries, Bourbon vanilla, hibiscus, Rose-hip peels and apple slices.
Lemon rum cocktail - A refreshing Lemon/Rum flavor that contains apple bits, Lemon grass and citrus peel.
Orange passion - Enjoy this passion fruit/orange taste blend containing apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, rose hips and citrus peels.
Red berries - This melange of fruits tastes like a raspberry cherry aroma and flavor. Refreshing both hot and iced. Contains hibiscus flowers, elderberries, bilberries, grapes and citrus peel.

Strawberry kiwi - This melange flavors the strawberry the strawberry kiwi taste. Rose hip peels, apple bits, hibiscus, strawberry bits and kiwi bits.

Sweet cranberries - Wonderful flavor of cranberries and also contains apple bits and hibiscus.
Herbal infusions
Caffeine free and made from flowers, herbs and sometimes added flavors. These are also delicious iced.
Blackberry twist - Herbal berry blend with blackberry/black currant flavor. Black currants, black currant leaves, Blueberries, whitehorn berries, rose hip peel, heather blossoms, wool flowers, and elderberry blossoms.
Chamomile - Specially selected egyptian chamomile consisting only of the flower heads. A mild, naturally sweet tea, perfect for evenings.
Evening in missoula- Chamomile, rose hips, raspberry, papaya, peppermint, spearmint, strawberry leaf, vanilla, passion flowers, red clover, star anise and wild cherry bark. Absolutely fabulous
Honeybush - From the south african cape area, this has a very pleasant taste that is mild and sweet with a light, fruity honey taste.
Honeybush vanilla - From the south african cape area, this has a very pleasant taste that is mild and sweet with a light, fruity honey like touch, that also contains genuine bourbon vanilla.
Margaret's soother- A blend of organic peppermint, licorice and cloves. The name says it all.
Peppermint, cut leaf -Highest quality fresh cut-leaf peppermint.
Starfire licorice - A gentle, yet bracing and stimulating blend with star anise, chamomile, cinnamon, fennel, licorice root, orange peel, wild cherry bark, blackberry leaves, cloves and peppermint.
Sunset - Relaxing melange with an orange/chamomile flavor. Citrus peels, rose-hip peels, chamomile flowers, orange blossoms, lemon grass, nana-mint and hibiscus.
Rooibos is made from the South African "red bush." Rooibos is a caffeine free herbal drink that is rich in essential minerals. It is a popular national beverage that is enjoyed in South Africa throughout the day, both hot and chilled. Rooibos has a mild and aromatic flavor and a soft, slightly citrus sweetness. Unlike black tea, it is very low in tannins so it cannot turn bitter.
Campfire - South African Rooibos blended with almond pieces, apple pieces, cinnamon, rose hip peels and hibiscus flowers.
Capetown - Blend of South African Rooibos, hibiscus blossoms, rose petals, blue mallow blossoms and sunflower petals.
Caramel Cream - South African Rooibos with a blend of caramel bits and safflower blossoms.
Chocolate Mint - South African Rooibos flavored with chocolate bits and peppermint leaves.
Earl Red - An herbal version of the classic Earl Grey. Brews up to an elegant, citrus like taste. Rooibos and oil of bergamont.
Lavenderberry - Very aromatic and calming. Blend of Rooibos, lavender and natural strawberry flavor.
Lemon Chiffon - Rooibos flavored with lemon grass and creamy lemon flavor.
Montana Gold - Spicy and sweet. Rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel and cloves.
Orange - Rooibos with citrus peels and orange blossoms.
Rooibos - "Red Bush" Rooibos is a mildly aromatic herb with a slightly citrus sweetness. Many people compare rooibos to a Ceylon tea.
Savannah - Blend of South African Rooibos, cocoa pieces, almond bits and chocolate rum flavoring.
Scarlett O' Peara - Full bodied and satisfying, this blend is sweet with just a hint of spice and the taste and aroma of fresh summer pears. Contains rooibos, raspberry pieces, chamomile, sunflower and heather.
Simba - A refreshing blend of South African Rooibos along with citrus peels, apple bits, coconut, almonds and rose petals.
Vanilla - Rooibos flavored with genuine Bourbon vanilla.
White Chocolate Truffle - Decadent blend of South African Rooibos, toffee bits, white chocolate chips and cocoa.




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